Lagan Head of the River
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 22:28
The Lagan Head of the River was held in Belfast on Sunday last the 26th March.   There was no competition for our women's junior 18 quad who as a consequence did not travel.     Our men's junior 18 quad consisting of Fintan Sheehan, Andy Harrington, Jack Casey and Oisin Dwane did travel but had the misfortune of crashing with the men's junior 18 quad representing BRAI (Belfast Royal Acedemical Institution) when both were in the running for top honours.    The course on the Lagan was very difficult, particularly for those rowing the course for the first time, as it consists of numerous bends and bridges. However there was no such excuse for a Belfast based crew crashing on the course.    It was a long way to go for such an outcome but ce la vie.   No doubt the two crews will meet again during the summer and it will be interesting to see the outcome.